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Select the button below to receive coupons and discounts. Receive coupons and discounts. We’ll email you when you have a coupon available, and you can find the coupon code on our coupon page. - opens in new window or tab. or in the Account. - opens in new window or tab. section of My eBay.

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EBay Coupon Code $20 off $100

This code is a scam. It does not work. As soon as I try to buy stuff without using the coupon I was allowed to make the purchases. Yet when I tried

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eBay gave me a $10 off coupon but when I try using

The code is input in the redemption code box (just like an eBay Gift Card) during checkout. There are no category / minimum purchase restrictions for the coupon. It is a one time use coupon. If the buyer uses it for purchase that is less than $10, they forfeit the rest of the coupon balance.

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10% off, $5 off, $15 off eBay PayPal coupons

10% off ($25max) coupon code: C1-Holiday2005 $5 off coupon code: C2-Holiday2005 $15 off coupon code: C3-Holiday2005 . The first code is 10% for any amount up to $25.00 off The second code is for paying for an item over $50.00 the third code is for an item over $100 . Sorry I couldn't see what the amounts you save on the two items.

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eBay coupon codes simply DO NOT WORK

For over a year eBay has been sending me $5 unrestricted coupon codes in emails. Not one of them as ever worked. The reasons include. - the fine-print disclaimer that the promotion may be withdrawn at any time without notice, and. - eBay realized at the last moment during checkout that you don't need the incentive as you're already an eBay

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How to Use Your eBay Shipping Supplies Coupon

New coupons will be available on the first day of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1). Your coupon must be used during the quarter for which it was issued. It will expire on the last date of the quarter and will not carry over. The coupon can be applied to purchases made from the eBay branded shipping supplies store.

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Free eBay $15 Coupon

04-10-2014 07:26 AM. You may or may not have gotten that message from eBay about getting a 'free' $15 coupon from them by just changing a few settings in your account page, but there were some people who did. Anyway, so I know money isn't free, and the so-called $15 they are giving away is even more than what they give away if you sign up for

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